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Life Sentence: Arrow Season 6 finale

I have mixed emotions about the finale. After it aired last night, I would have said, it was not the best finale nor the worst.  I took the time to re-watch it on the CW app and then I've mulled it over nearly most of the morning and I can see something that the writers and Stephen Amell said about it.  They  said that if we went back to season one we would understand the ending.  I think I  can see  what they were saying.    This, readers, is the most difficult review to write.

    Right away the action starts when the Green Arrow comes into the police station with the FBI.  The action packed fighting engages the viewer immediately.  Because it starts so intensely, we know that what lies ahead of us  shall be equally intense.  We find out that Oliver has made a deal with Samanda Watson.  All the team including Felicity gets immunity from prosecution.  Felicity walks in and says, "I hope I get immunity too..." and she stands by Oliver unaware of the full cost that …

Ties that Bind: Arrow 622 Review

What an  exciting episode!  It had everything we love about Arrow: great action, compelling story, and wonderful Olicity moments. The compelling dialogue, written by Ben Sokolowski drove the story forward; we had no wasted words.  He understands the characters created six years ago, and in this episode we see not only the growth of the characters, but a driving forward to a very exciting finale.  In the beginning we see each of our heroes in their own home environment: Oliver with Felicity and William making dinner; John and Lyla getting John's arm checked out and about to have a date night; Rene and Zoe watching ice hockey on television; Curtis showing is friend the kind of work he does during the day; Dinah, sadly alone,  trying to get Intel on Diaz, before all hell breaks looks on these people by Diaz trying to kill each of them.

It was  fun  seeing Oliver happy making eggs for supper with his  family in the kitchen. He asks Felicity for the salt,by saying,Sal…

Docket No 11-19-41-73 Arrow 621 Review

What a turn-around from the  last two weeks!  The compelling story moved hearts  on so many different levels. I watched this episode twice.  Stephen Amell's acting in this episode was  Emmy  worthy, in my humble opinion.  So much happened where do  I begin?

      Oliver, Felicity, and  William: These  three are a family bound to one another in strong cords of love, unbreakable and strong.   I won't separate  the two people in this  review. I know that sometimes I do  this but they were one in this episode.  When the two of them enter the courtroom with cameras  flashing,  it  touched my heart seeing tiny Felicity trying to shield the Arrow.  He has always protected her and she has always protected him.  That scene of them walking into  court, symbolized for me the  devotion they have.   Felicity  wants so  badly  to protect Oliver and shield him from what he is  about to face.  She want to comfort him.