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Confessions Part 2 Olicity Fan Fiction

Recap from Part 1:  Felicity had arranged with Watson to see Oliver.  She needed to tell him about the miscarriage she had.  Oliver and she grieved for the child that both would have wanted.  On the way back to prison, Watson has a confession of her own:  "Oliver, I hate to admit this, but the FBI has not made any headway in locating Diaz.  In fact, Felicity telling us about the contact Diaz has with Werner Zytel, was the first we'd heard of anything about him.  Oliver, I hate to say this, but we need the help of your team, and frankly, I think we need you.  Will you help us?"

"I promised Felicity that would never again do anything without telling her first, and I don't want to be some escaped convict either.  My family has been  through enough, and I won't do anything that will jeopardize that."

Watson proceeded down the road back to the prison in silence for a couple of miles before saying,  "I will arrange for a trusted contact to give you what…

Confessions: An Olicity Fan Fiction

Felicity waited impatiently, pacing up and  down, looking at her watch.  What's taking so long? She wondered.  Oliver had sat in prison for six long months and she hadn't seen  him.  John had seen him  a couple of times, and she knew that what he  had  seen had  not been good.  She knew John well,  and she  knew when  he kept things from  her.  He  told her a  little,  but she knew it wasn't everything,  and her imagination ran wild  with horrible scenarios. She had to see him for herself.  Felicity glanced  at her watch  again.  It's been an hour  she  thought, what's taking so long? She knew she took a  huge  risk approaching Samanda Watson, but it she  would do whatever it took, just like Oliver had  done.

Finally she heard footsteps.  The door opened, and Oliver followed by Watson came in.  Oliver looked puzzled.  He just stood there.  His face worn, looking older, and bruised.  She froze too shocked at what she saw.  Watson said, "You have exactly two ho…

Interesting Bits of Information on Season 7

I found this very interesting article and thought I'd share it.  Sorry about the long periods of  silence. It's been a crazy summer.  I hope to put up some fan fiction soon.

Also, for those who have seen the season 7 trailer, you have seen Felicity  running  through
 the woods towards William, or least that's who I think it is.  I'm so hoping that this will the opening scene of Arrow on episode one.  Arrow has always begun with Oliver running, but he can't now that he's in prison, so what  if  it's Felicity running, how cool would that be?

Rumor has it that Felicity  will be team leader.  As Overwatch, this makes a lot of sense.  It actually  makes more sense  than Iris being team  leader on  Flash.  I  read that Felicity  may call  Iris for advice,  seriously?  It should be Iris asking Felicity for advice.

Let me know in the comments what you think of  the Digital Spy a…

Arrow Season 6 Review

Season 6 of  Arrow has just come  out on Netflix.  I watched the first  episode again and I finally understood what Stephen Amell meant when he said that if we go back to the first episode, we will see that the finale could only end  one way.  The writers certainly did plant seeds all along the way that lead to that ending.  I am posting my thoughts on the entire sixth season of Arrow.  If they change after I watch  season six again, I will update  you  all on that.

Season 6 got off to a rocky start for me with the first episode.  Season 5 ended  so well, and we all couldn't wait to see who had made it off the island and how they did it.  Yet the show started flat for me, there were no real surprises.  Everyone  but William's mother made off the island.  Yes, Diggle had hurt himself, and Thea left in a coma, but the episode felt anticlimactic after the build-up that lead to it. I mean the whole entire island  explodes and everyone makes it out?  Even BS survived her gunsho…

Life Sentence: Arrow Season 6 finale

I have mixed emotions about the finale. After it aired last night, I would have said, it was not the best finale nor the worst.  I took the time to re-watch it on the CW app and then I've mulled it over nearly most of the morning and I can see something that the writers and Stephen Amell said about it.  They  said that if we went back to season one we would understand the ending.  I think I  can see  what they were saying.    This, readers, is the most difficult review to write.

    Right away the action starts when the Green Arrow comes into the police station with the FBI.  The action packed fighting engages the viewer immediately.  Because it starts so intensely, we know that what lies ahead of us  shall be equally intense.  We find out that Oliver has made a deal with Samanda Watson.  All the team including Felicity gets immunity from prosecution.  Felicity walks in and says, "I hope I get immunity too..." and she stands by Oliver unaware of the full cost that …